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When Rotten Lettuce Condemns


We had only twenty minutes before we had to be out the door and on our way to church. I rushed through the kitchen on the way to the laundry room to desperately dig through the baskets looking for … [Read more]

Taking Care of Myself


Ginger, over at Just One of the Boys, has a series going. It's called A Happier, Healthier You. I thought I'd jump in on Week #7. Through this long journey I'm on, I'm realizing that taking care of … [Read more]

My Broken Hallelujah

God, I’m not even sure where to begin. Do I start at the beginning, in the middle, in the right here and now, or with my hopes for the future? I have nothing… nothing to hold up for myself to say, … [Read more]

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore, Toto!


So much to write about. So much going on in my mind. I don’t even know where to start. Perhaps with small talk… you know, like the WEATHER! Can I just say, “I HATE WINTER!!!”? And that, folks, is … [Read more]

When a Blogger Gets Vulnerable About Blogging

I kinda feel like an idiot admitting this out loud. I don’t know if I can do this blogging thing. I began this blog with a nice, steady line of five dead blogs behind me. I tend to pour myself into … [Read more]

A Metaphoric Nancy Drew, Pt. 2

Metaphoric Nancy Drew pt 2

*This is part two of the series, A Metaphoric Nancy Drew. You can read part one here.   “Nessa Brach?” “Yes, this is Nessa,” she had answered, wondering who the caller was. “Don’t … [Read more]