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God Became Vulnerable by Love


Two days had passed, two long days, since Lazarus’s servant stumbled to Jesus’ feet and panted, “Laz…a…rus… is very… sick… Rabi. P…please come… so that you might… heal him…. We fear… he won’t make… it … [Read more]

What Hurts the Most


As we entered the sanctuary of the church for Peter's funeral, I scanned the faces of the crowd. I saw a few familiar friends, but a lot of them I did not know, and it struck me just how many people's … [Read more]

If I had known…


It’s been two weeks and two days since I lost my brother, but the words still echo through my head everyday like the taunting rhythm of an oncoming train… “Peter didn’t make it. He’s dead.” He's … [Read more]

When You’re Broken, and You Know It


Broken. It's a word that's been running circles in my head for several days now. Broken. It's more than just admitting my childhood/early adulthood has adversely affected me. It's more than just … [Read more]

When Rotten Lettuce Condemns


We had only twenty minutes before we had to be out the door and on our way to church. I rushed through the kitchen on the way to the laundry room to desperately dig through the baskets looking for … [Read more]

Taking Care of Myself


Ginger, over at Just One of the Boys, has a series going. It's called A Happier, Healthier You. I thought I'd jump in on Week #7. Through this long journey I'm on, I'm realizing that taking care of … [Read more]