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Is It Real?


I was but a tiny girl. I peered around the corner at my mother, sitting in the kitchen. The ashtray overflowed with ashes as a pillar of smoke rose from the center. Beer cans were scattered across … [Read more]

The Day I Left My Rock for the Beach


My house is a humble home, but it is set up on a large precipice. The view is phenomenal. When I stand at my front door, I can see for across the treetops and the glistening ocean in the distance. … [Read more]

Christmas on a Broken Heart


I don't remember ever not knowing that Christmas was about baby Jesus being born in a stable, but honestly I've never felt the significance. Why do we need to celebrate a baby? They're helpless, red … [Read more]

I’m All Inside Out


October eleventh. A tiny crumble trickled down into the abyss of memory loss. Just a tiny crumb. The islands of my personality went from full color animation to unsaturated stillness. Joy, Fear, … [Read more]

The Journey of a Maple Leaf


A crisp fall wind pushed its way through the branches, fluttering the last three pointed leaf wildly until it broke loose from its lifelong home. Up, up it soared and then back down again, diving into … [Read more]

My Psalm 73


I know that God is good to good Christians. But me? Eh. I flounder around in confusion. I find my soul enviously angry at men Who enjoy the pleasures of adultery without consequence. They flirt … [Read more]