A Metaphoric Nancy Drew

Metaphoric Nancy Drew - Another Recovered Identity StoryThe second the download began, a sickening feeling settled in the bottom of Nessa’s stomach. Who did she think she was to play Nancy Drew in the Good Leader’s office? It was not hers to think, but hers to obey… or so the Leader, Dr. Landon reminded her quite often. But she had to know.

If her hunch was right, this man could not be trusted, and she could no longer play secretary for him, no matter how devoted her mother was to his teachings.

She looked down at her silver watch and then back up at the creeping download bar. The download speed in this office was more annoying than a congressman in a think tank. 35%, 56 %, 69%, 78%…

She heard the all too familiar footsteps in the hallway coming closer and closer. He was four minutes early this morning. He would expect her to have his hot coffee on his desk and be back at her own desk already filing papers. 87%. “Come On!” she hissed.

93%, 99%… 100. Quickly, she yanked the USB drive from the Dr. Landon’s computer and rushed into the side door connecting his office to her own. She swiftly and silently pulled it closed behind her, just as the Leader stepped into his office.

She held her breath and counted to three in her head. Forcing herself to remain calm, she opened the door once again.

“Good morning, Dr. Landon,” she smiled sweetly. “You’re in a little early this morning. I’ll have your coffee for you faster than a baboon with….” She tapered off as the Leader’s smile turned to a frown. She knew better than to use metaphors in his presence.

His droning voice echoed in her memory.  “Nessa, speak the truth… the pure truth. It’s enough. There’s no reason to dress it up and make it look pretty.”

She rushed into the hall where the common coffee table stood. Fill the cup ¾. A dash of milk. Two packets of sugar. Sometimes, she was tempted to change it up a little and “accidently” put in only one packet, just to see if he’d notice, but today such an experiment would be as dangerous as being locked in a bathroom stall with a rhino.

Metaphoric Nancy Drew Part 1

“Here you are, Sir.” She placed the cup on his desk next to his left hand. As she did, he grabbed her hand and caressed it.

“Thank you, Nessa. There’s not another woman in the world I’d rather have as my secretary.” He smiled a sort of twisted manipulative grin and gazed into her eyes.

A disgusted feeling overtook her, and suddenly she felt cold and clammy. She cast her glance down to the floor. His gaze was as piercing as an arrow shot into butter.

She managed to pull her hand away and slip out of his office and into her own. This isn’t the first time he’s made advances at her. There was the time he caressed her hair and whispered into her ear about her righteous dedication. And there was the time he played footsie with her under the dining table in the dimly lit dining hall.

She had told her mother about it, but she had dismissed the stories faster than Nessa could tell them. “You’re just misinterpreting the Leader, Nessa. You are the blessed one. There are a thousand other girls who would give anything to be in your shoes. Being Dr. Landon’s secretary is not to be taken lightly, Young Lady.”

Since then, she’s never mentioned it to anyone. She may be uncomfortable with it, but apparently that goes with the job, and accepting it was all she could do about it. At least that’s what she thought… until three days ago when she received an anonymous phone call.


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