Behind the Scenes Link Up #2


I’m linking up again with Crystal Stine and her Behind the Scenes Link Up where bloggers share a photo and the story behind it.


“Take my picture, Mom!” Ethan demanded as he clambered up the bronze tortoise.

I opened my mouth to tell him to get down and catch up. But then I stopped. There he sat, never holding still for a single second. Looking everywhere but at me.

I pulled out my phone and snapped a photo. I wanted to catch him in all his realness. I wanted to remember how full of life this little man is.

You see, sometimes I fail to really see my son. I see him climbing every.single.thing in the zoo that is at least six inches off the ground. I see the zookeepers constantly telling him to “get down, young man”, “stay on the sidewalks there, boy”. I see him running 10 feet ahead because he’s done looking after two seconds.

I see him sitting right on top of the water fountain and soaking himself from head to foot after I told him not to get his clothes wet. I see him whining that he’s hungry and thirsty and just wants to go to McDonald’s and yet still stops to climb a fake turtle. (Or flooding the garage with the garden hose, but that’s another story for another day.)

But my son… this adorably handsome four year old… he’s full of life, full of joy. He keeps his siblings laughing (most of the time). He’s incredibly loving. He puts his all into anything he does.

I love this guy. Like A.LOT!


  1. Little boys are such a blessing! My 3 1/2 year old is also a climber, runner, do-it-himself-without-listening kinda boy. If we don’t stop to snap the picture once in a while, we’ll spend their whole childhood with our “get-downs” and “don’t-do-thats”. Thank you for the beautiful reminder this morning!!!

    • That’s true. I don’t want Ethan to look back on his childhood and only remember the reprimands.

  2. So sweet…I have a three year-old little girl who is very much the same way. So full of life and energy and spunk…it’s who she is and I love her completely for it, even if there are days when we can’t even get her to look at the camera! 😉 Love this…blessings and happy Tuesday!

  3. Oh, you are so blessed to be able to have heard that still voice that told you to take the photo! What a beautiful memory – to see our children and for us to show them the example of loving them even in the midst of the constant moving (when we might want them to sit still). What an example of the love from our Father who loves us no matter what!

    Thanks for connecting!

  4. Oh how I miss my son being that little and running all around. Trust me you will never regret stopping and taking all the photos you can/

  5. What a sweet picture! Cherish these days because all too quickly they’re memories. I have to remind myself of that even now, when my youngest child is 9. Love this moment in time you’ve captured.

    • They do, don’t they. I know that one day, my youngest will be going to college or getting married or something, and I will wonder where the time went.

  6. Ok, so our sons would get along JUST FINE. Sounds like a normal day to me! :)

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