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Lately, while I’ve been loving the process of discovering my own “youness”, I’ve also been feeling a bit lacking. I can’t seem to manage to do everything that “everyone else” seems to be able to do. I’m not as skinny and in shape as other moms. I’m not as social as other moms manage to be. I’m not as on top of this blogging thing as other bloggers seem to be.

Today, an email from a blog I subscribe to set me back on track, reminding me that I’m not them. I’m not perfect. And that’s the beauty of it all. I’m me, and comparing myself to others only steals my you-ness.

Crystal from Money Saving Mom told the story of her envy of another blogger, only to find out that same woman envied her. At the end of her story, she also linked to a great post by Amy about not comparing everyone else’s outsides with your insides.

Read them both. You’ll be glad you did.


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