In His Image

HisImageOur pastor spoke Sunday on our image. There’s so many little thoughts fluttering around in my head from that sermon, and I’ll probably come back to it here when the thoughts begin to land in an orderly fashion, but one thing he said as a short side comment keeps nudging me.

I hope I’m not misquoting him, but this is what my heart heard. “If you’re trying to change yourself in order to love yourself, you’ve got it backwards. You can’t love what you don’t understand. You’ve gotta learn who God created you to be, then you can love who you are, and as a result, your actions will reflect wise stewardship of the body and mind and heart that He created.”

He took us way back to Genesis and pointed out that every life is made in the image of God (Gen. 1:26,27). We are made in His image. Our bodies, our minds, our personalities, our talents, our built-in interests… they are all in His likeness.

But if we’re all different, then how can we all be in His image? How can we all have bodies and personalities in His likeness? I think it’s because He’s bigger than us. He’s bigger, more complex, more all-encompassing that we can even fathom in our little human minds. And I think He gives us a taste of His loveliness every second of our lives right here in our very own bodies and personalities.

These beautiful likenesses were never meant to be changed. If our body and personality are a glimpse of Himself, then to try so desperately to change these things is to scoff in His face… to call Him ugly and stupid and incompetent. Ouch.

Just grasping the concept that my very existence and being is a glimpse of His majesty… wow! People, I am beautiful. I am glorious. My worth is immeasurable.

And would this truth not spur me to guard my heart, my body, and my personality with wise stewardship? Would it not spur me on to be all that He’s created me to be? Would it not spur me to care for and protect this glimpse of Himself?

Just wrapping my mind around this thought brings tears to my eyes. I feel like I could write forever about the loveliness of all this, and yet I can’t even put it into words. It’s nearly above my human intelligence, but it penetrates my heart, and it makes me smile.


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