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Called to Divorce


I've been tossing around the concept of being called to divorce quite a lot lately. In all my percolating, I've managed to pound out these somewhat disconnected thoughts. I'm not sure how much sense … [Read more]

It Just Hurts


Just to warn you, this post is very much human, down to the core. You won’t find anything divinely profound here. Just raw rawness. If you follow me on Facebook, there’s a pretty big chance you … [Read more]

A Little Game of He Said/He Said

wash in truth

When words cut to the very heart of your soul, there is only one way to heal, and that is to replace them with truth. It's time for a little game of he said/He said. he said... I don't love you … [Read more]

“You Carry My Bag?”


“Tall mocha,” the barista called. I reached for my coffee, hoping it would wake me, even just a little. I had been awake since midnight and now it was 5:30 a.m. My flight would leave in just thirty … [Read more]

Bring on the Carmel (Hold the Chocolate)


Ok, so the title is probably a bit misleading. This post has nothing to do with candy. Is it about Carmel though... Mount Carmel. You probably know the story... how Elijah challenged the prophets of … [Read more]

When Dream Houses Implode


Sometimes, it feels like God thinks my life is one big joke, as if I am but a doll in his drama filled dollhouse. I can see Him sitting up there with his two buddies, Jesus and H.G…. “Hey guys, watch … [Read more]