Five From Semptember

cFive things from my life this September…

1.   With the arrival of September came the end of our weekly swimming with my husband’s Aunt Cathy. She has an in ground pool in her backyard. She is absolutely amazing and generous. Cherith (8) learned to swim this summer. I can confidently say she’s probably a better swimmer than I am now. And at the beginning of the summer, she would hardly put her head under. I’m proud of her.

2.   My husband and I surprised the kids with a camping trip one weekend… you know, the first super cold weekend. Eeeeeks. Brrrrrr. I think we’ll choose a warmer one next time.

3.   Did you know John Chapman (Appleseed) is buried just outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana? They have a gravesite in a park here in town. (If I’m wrong on his burial site, someone correct me.) Anyway, this past weekend was the big Johnny Appleseed Festival… colonial dressed people, a blacksmith, a potter, real kettle corn popped over a fire, apple everything you can think of, fun old fashioned wood toys… lots of things to spend your life’s savings on. We took the kids there for a couple hours. We did not, however, spend any of our life’s savings. The older kids have a plan to save up $2 a week for a year so that we can have some real fun next year. haha. We’ll see.

4.   I fell in love with Aldi this month. I started shopping there in an effort to cut the budget. It did more than that for me. It cut my shopping time into a tiny sliver. I cannot believe how quickly I can shop now… It’s just turned my shopping chore into a very manageable, non-dreadable project.

5.   Somewhere near the beginning of September, it was hot enough to swim… like in the 90s. So I put the collapsible pool up for the kids. Did you know it’s better to dump it and put it away right away? You probably did. It’s so slimy with huge wolf spider swimming around it. There’s no way I’m going to tread into the water just to grab the side and walk backward to dump it. I’m just not. Aaron was smart. He just slit the liner in a couple places so it will drain. I’m hoping he’ll also wad it up and throw it away for me. Crossing my fingers.