Taking Care of Myself

Ginger, over at Just One of the Boys, has a series going. It’s called A Happier, Healthier You. I thought I’d jump in on Week #7.

Through this long journey I’m on, I’m realizing that taking care of myself goes hand in hand with embracing the “self” that I am. I can find who I am, but if I do nothing to nourish and care for that “self” then I lose my “self” as fast as I find it. (Yeah, that sentence confuses me too.)

Here’s what I’ve done to care for the treasure that I am.

1) I’ve learned to redefine and redirect my passions. A dream does not always need to be pursued actively. Sometimes, it’s ok to keep it a dream a little longer. Sometimes stage of life holds precedence. I’ve realized that my dream to help women become confident in themselves can be achieved now in this stage, but my dream of being a full fledged author…. it’s better left on the shelf for a little longer. Those two do not have to go hand in hand.


2) I’ve learned to say “no” to the pressure to be famous. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me, but in the blogging world, I feel an intense pressure to become a household name. I could not blog for myself. I blogged with the entire goal to become famous and rich. I would beat myself up for not blogging consistently or not having the number of readers that other bloggers had.

I’ve had to say “no”. I still want to blog. I still want to write. It’s part of who I am. But making a household name of myself is not who I am. I am a much happier woman having taken that pressure off myself.

3) I went clothes shopping the other day. I took a friend along to help me. I suck at style. But I learned so much from her. I feel I could confidently shop for myself now. Yay! I also bought some cute shoes. Now to find some black or gray dress pants that are plus size in the gut/butt, but not plus size in the legs. Hmmmmm.


4) I’ve started taking care of my hands and nails. They are, after all, the extension of my body that I use to impact others’ lives. I want them to be a reflection of who I am… a proclamation of my confidence in who God created me to be.

My hands are pretty dry in these long Indiana winters, so I’ve been using this Dead Sea lotion on my hands and Jamberry’s cuticle oil on my cuticles and the skin around the edges of my nails. My dry patches are nearly healed and no more hang nails. YAY!


I’ve also discovered Jamberry’s nail wraps…. LOVE!!! They give me a chance to show off my personality and they last a very long time. I never liked painting my finger nails because the polish would always look awful in a couple days. I love that these wraps look great until I decide to change them.


5) I have begun to realize that I do have something to contribute to this world, the Christian community, our church, our family, and our finances. And that, in fact, I am happier and healthier when I am contributing. I have begun to serve as nursery coordinator at our church. This gives me a responsibility and “forces” me to interact with people there.

I also began to sell the Jamberry wraps I fell in love with, in order to contribute to our family’s finances. I love that I made back my investment and began to profit in 5 weeks time. I love that the flexibility of my job allows me to contribute financially and still homeschool and spend time with my family. I love that this job will enable me to help fund remodel projects, pay off debts, and build up our “new house” fund!!! I’m so excited that I finally found a way to contribute. And best of all, my job is FUN and I get to help other women find confidence too. Two dreams in one. Nice.


My goals for this week:

1) Drink 46 oz. of water every day.

2) Begin a treadmill routine.

3) Read two chapters from Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine.


  1. I am so thrilled that you are taking some time for yourself and caring for YOU! You’re right – you are a treasure! Love your goals for the week. Thank you so much for linking up with me – It means the world to me that you are there for me! :)

  2. I understand the pressure to want to become a household blogging name. I feel that the blogging classes I’ve taken have been so focused on how to be a great blogger (i.e. making a name for yourself as a blogger) and my reality is that I’ve got a “niche” that’s pretty saturated and unless I have HOURS to blog every day along with fabulous photos and articles, I’m not going to gain that. At time, it’s caused me to completely lose the desire to write on my blog at all. So, like you, I’m taking a step back and re-thinking my blog’s purpose, and how I want to proceed. Setting my goals a bit lower, focusing on writing good articles/posts instead of just writing for the sake of writing and understanding that I just don’t have time to post every day like others maybe do at this point in time. As my kids grow and our daily schedule changes, I may find more time for writing. So I’m not completely giving up, but I am trying to be more realistic about it.

    Taking care of yourself is SO important. I love the goals you’ve shared: drinking water (super hard for me–I don’t know why!), exercise, and reading good books are some of mine too.

    • It1#;2&78s not that I want to replicate your web page, but I really like the style and design. Could you let me know which style are you using? Or was it tailor made?

  3. Keep up the good work! I very rarely post replies to any of the blogs I read, but I felt I should come out of my shell just to acknowledge your encouraging post. I love reading your blog because I can personally relate to many of the struggles you write about. The stories you have posted in your “My Writing” tab have tore at my heart and helped me look at some of my own demons. Thank you for putting your struggles and accomplishments out here for us to read.

    • Hello, Carolyn! I logged into my blog’s dashboard to mark a couple comments as spam, and came across your comment above. I am so sorry I missed it.

      Thank you for your comment. I think many of us have a lot of the same demons inside. It’s so encouraging to know that there’s someone else out there that says, “me too”.

      May your day be filled with strength to face those demons!

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