The Necessity of Christian Organizations… Or Not

pewsI’m a little bit on the disgusted side right now with Christian organizations. The Sovereign Grace Ministries lawsuit sickens me to the core. I seriously cannot even think about it without feeling sick to my stomach. I am also very aware of many scandalous incidents within the Institute in Basic Life Principles. The number of pastors and Christian leaders in this country’s history who have led secret lives of thievery, adultery, and molestation is embarrassing.

But even those organizations that are not (knowingly) harboring these critters under their rugs are susceptible to power fests. This is where the true dangers lies, because it’s the force of power that enables the organization leaders to prey on their followers.

Somewhere in the ministry building process, these leaders begin to realize that people are hanging on their words… that people are trusting them… doing what he wants them to do. They love him, they respect him, and they trust him with their very lives. Oh the things he could get them to do. Why he could present them with a long list of standards they must hold to in order to gain his approval and the “approval” of God. He could choose his own theories and theologies and convince his followers they are truth.

Very soon the ministry changes from a place of help and healing for the hurting to a place of manipulation for the desperate. It steals the individual identities from its followers and instills some twisted form of spiritual Zombie in them. And as we all know from freaky movies, once you get the people in Zombie mode, you can get them to do anything…

Make your name globally known…

Give you all their money…

Provide you with sexual gratification…

Promote your products…

Sign away their lives to servitude…

Give you their children…

Really, the options are limitless.

As I contemplated these realities, I thought to myself, “It’s too bad Christian organizations are a necessity.” Then I stopped. “Or are they?”

What if we Christians reached out to our own local brothers and sisters? What if each us held out our hands to the hurting, disillusioned, and needy that are within our own realm of influence? What if we were the hands and feet? What if we were truly the body of Christ ministering His grace to those around us. What then?

What if we loved God with all our hearts – truly loved Him… not rules, not religion… just Him. What if we soaked in the lessons of life along the path and shared that wisdom with those around us? What then?

What if we were ok with not being famous? What if we were ok with only reaching the people in our own neighborhood or town? What if we were ok with not personally reaching the entire world? What then?

Would this country… this world be better off that way? Would that be enough? Could we do without the organizations?

Just a thought.


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  1. Carolyn says:

    I like your thoughts on this. I’ve just recently started following your blog and I like a lot of the things you write. Your entries have been very thought-provoking and have opened up new avenues on how to approach the many aspects of life. Thank you for putting your thoughts out here. I appreciate it.

  2. Thanks, Carolyn. It is good for me to put these thoughts into words. I find it helps me search deeper, define myself a bit more.

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