As far back as I can remember, I’ve been stinging together settings, plots, and characters to create stories. Of course, in my very young years, these childish stories only entertained my own mind. When I was 8 or 10, I started scribbling out stories on lined notebook paper. I wish I could find those stories, but until just recently, I viewed my writings as I viewed my drawings of stick people… just something I did for the fun of it. Once it was finished, it was just paper to be recycled.

I’ve written off and on since then, and I’ve kept the dream to one day publish a book, but still always thought of myself as a writer wanna-be. Then I started on the journey to find myself. I realized that I am most “myself” when I am writing. It’s hardwired into me. It’s my method of processing. I’m not a writer wanna-be. I am a writer. Therefore, I must write.

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